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The first major town created in Dunmoore SMP. Featuring a Trade District, various farms and innovations, a central railway system and Nether Hub, and much more. Located at 300, -250.

Fort Zearos

The second major town of Dunmoore. Check out the aquarium, zoo, and more. Take the train station in Dunmoore directly to Fort Zearos for a quick, easy trip. Located at -200, -100.

Cat Town

Directly adjacent to Fort Zearos, Cat Town is, unsurprisingly, a town full of cats. One of the top tourist destinations in Dunmoore, for good reason. Don’t miss Cat Town for a tour you won’t forget. Located at -325, -125.


Take the road West out of Dunmoore from the Fountain, and you’ll end up in Balmora, the former settlement of Arnold. Located at 150, -275.


Another early settlement of Dunmoore, Galway is the town of Macbeth. It features Dunmoore’s first major trading post, along with an impressive Japanese style tower. Located at -500, 200.


Koga - A small town hidden in a swamp near Dunmoore, Koga is the impressive thematic build of Nox. Take the railway to Koga from the basement of the Dunmoore Train Station. Located at 400, -850


A fortress built by Simbach on the outskirts of Dunmoore. Formerly known as Foyrtekinav. Located at 150, 50


The settlement Harriskar, among the first outside of the spawn area. Features a large castle. Located at -5273, -1210


The settlement of Maddox. Located at -3800, -10

Ursus Terra

Not far from the Dunmoore Trade District is the town of Bear, situated atop a large stone platform. Soon to be accessible by road. Located at 900, -400


Giant Gameboy

One of Xiaoguard’s bigger survival projects, not far from the Dunmoore Trade District. Located at 600, -275

Fort Ardent Pursuit

A super fortified village built by Nox for fighting Big Raids. Located at 5163, 4935

Public Farms

Blaze Farm

Built by Xiao, for a short time this farm was the primary XP farm in Dunmoore. Blaze Rods and XP can be farmed here, or you can buy Blaze Rods in bulk from the shop.

Enderman Farm

Follow the leaf bridge right next to the End Spawn and you'll end up at the Enderman Farm. Great for XP and produces more Ender Pearls than anyone would know what to do with.

Wither Rose Farm

A farm for acquiring Wither Roses. Located in The End at -1121, 1184

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