Lands Tutorial

Lands Menu

Getting Started

  • To create your land, stand on the chunk you'd like to claim and run /lands create (land name).
  • Use /lands claim to claim a chunk, or /lands claim auto to claim chunks as you walk across them.
  • To change your Land's spawn point, do /lands setspawn.
  • You can teleport back to your land using /lands spawn (land name) or by clicking the Land Spawn button in /menu.
  • Change your Land name and message in the Cosmetic Settings in your Lands Menu.
  • Add players to your Land by going to the Trusted Players section of your Lands Menu and click Add Player.
Areas Menu

Land Sub-Areas

  • Areas are a way owners of a town can divide up their land into different areas with different permissions for town members. This is useful for creating things like a vault or secret area that you don't want everyone to be able to access or use.
  • Areas can be created through the Lands Menu in /menu. Find your Land in the "Your Lands" menu, click "Areas," and "Create Area." Name your area, and it will bring up a selection tool. Select the top and bottom corner of the area you would like to set and your area will be created. You can then edit the permissions for your new area by going to the Roles section in the menu for that Area.


  • Roles are used to assign permissions to different groups of players within your town such as breaking and placing blocks, opening containers, and more.
  • The Visitor role applies to all players who are not a member of your Land.
  • The Member role is the default role assigned to players in your town.

Land Bank

  • Lands have their own bank from which money is drawn for claiming chunks.
  • To deposit or withdraw from your Land bank, use /lands deposit and /lands withdraw.
  • It is not necessary to use the Land Bank. If there is not enough money in the Land Bank to claim chunks, it will be taken from the personal bank of the person claiming the chunks.


  • Nations are groups of towns which share an Ally role.
  • Nations can be formed by towns of Level 3 or higher.

Selling and Renting Lands

Rent Sign Setup


Rent signs must be placed within a sub-area of a land. For the above example:

  • Rental costs $200 every 5 days.
  • Cannot be rented more than 50 days in total.
  • The sign accepts the following units: d = day(s) h = hour(s), m = minute(s). If none is specified, it will use d.
  • You can only set sub areas for rent. The default area can only be set for sale (= selling the whole land; more information below)

Rent Sign Result


  • The rent sign is now active and players can rent the area.
  • To rent an area, click on the sign.
  • To add more time to your rental, click on the sign again.

Sell Sign Setup


Sell signs can be placed in sub areas and in the default area (selling the whole land). For the above example:

  • The price of the area is $5000 in total.
  • The purchaser will be the new owner of the area.

Sell Sign Result


  • The sell sign is is now active and players can purchase the area.
  • To purchase this area, click on the sign.
  • Tenants can use /Lands rent cancel to cancel their ownership while standing inside the area.
  • To evict a tenant as the area owner you can either remove the sign or execute /Lands rent remove while standing inside the area.

Browse Listings

Use /Lands rentlist to view all areas and lands that can be rented or purchased.

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