High Speed Rails Tutorial


Creating High Speed Rails

  • To create a High Speed Railway, simply place a redstone block under your powered rails.
  • High speed rails travel at a speed of 115km/hr and is as fast as rocket powered elytra flight.

Railway Design

When constructing High Speed Railways, there are a few key elements to be aware of.

  • Acceleration is not instantaneous.
  • Turning at high speeds will derail you.
  • Entering or exiting slopes at high speeds will derail you.
  • While traveling at high speeds, a regular powered rail will slow you down.

Design Recommendations

These are some recommendations for building your High Speed Railway. Feel free to experiment and find out what works for you.

  • Allow room for acceleration: it takes time to reach high speeds. Place multiple high speed rails close together at the beginning of your railway.
  • Minimize the number of turns in your railway. At most, you should only need one turn to reach any destination.
  • Minimize the number of slopes in your railway. You can build tunnels and bridges to maintain the same elevation.
  • Before entering turns and slopes, place one or more regular powered rails to slow down your minecart and avoid being derailed.
  • After exiting turns and slopes, allow room for acceleration again.
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