Dunmoore SMP

Dunmoore's main survival world! Join or create a town and play with your friends!

Dunmoore Creative

Test out your builds and contraptions or build whatever you like in the Dunmoore Creative World!

View the Creative World Tutorial here.

Resource World

Gather resources in Dunmoore's Resource World, reset every month. Teleport to the Resource World from the Worlds Menu.

Player Tools

Convenient GUI Menu

Access all of Dunmoore's features in one command using /menu.


Read the Lands Tutorial here.


Read the Brewery Tutorial here.

Dunmoore Heads

Access 20,000+ heads in the Dunmoore Heads menu to help decorate your builds. Most heads cost 2 Gold Ingots each. The heads menu is frequently updated, so make sure to check regularly for new heads. You can submit suggestions for heads on the Discord. Anyone can submit heads they created to the Community Contributions category of the Heads menu. If your head is accepted, it will be made available on the menu for 1 Gold Ingot and you will receive 3 of your head for free.

Dunmoore Collectibles

Dunmoore Collectibles are special cosmetic items given out for events and obtainable through Mystery Boxes.

Dunmoore Tags

Change your chat prefix through the Dunmoore Tags menu, accessible through /menu or /tags. Donator tags and special tags earned from events and challenges can be equipped in this menu.

Trade Chests

Players can create Trade Shops by placing a sign on a chest or barrel using the following format.




Chat Channels

Dunmoore makes use of the following chat channels.

  • Global Chat - /g
  • Local Chat - /l
  • Trade Chat - /t
  • Lands Chat - /lands chat


Dunmoore ensures the safety of your pets by stopping other players from killing them using the PetMaster plugin. This plugin also allows players to right click on a pet to see who owns it. You can transfer ownership of your pets using /petm setowner.

Vanilla Tweaks

  • Store books and papers in a bookshelf for a new method of storing books and creating libraries or even mailboxes.
  • Mine spawners using a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • Discover various new vanilla-esque crafting recipes!
  • For better access to Shulkers, on Dunmoore they spawn naturally in The End!


  • Lock your chests, barrels, furnaces, and droppers using /lock (password)
  • Unlock your chests, barrels, furnaces, and droppers using /unlock (password)
  • Open locked chests using an item renamed to the password using an anvil.

Villager Information

  • View useful information about your villagers by shift-right clicking on them.
  • This can be toggled in the Settings Menu.

Advanced Armour Stands

Dunmoore enjoys fully customizable armour stands, all done through a convenient GUI menu accessed with /aa or via /menu.

High Speed Rails

Increase the speed of your rails by placing a Redstone block under a powered rail. Read the High Speed Rails Tutorial here.

Server Features

Dunmoore Fishing

Dunmoore Fishing currently has over 160 fish and special items available to be caught, including several rare loot chests. Fish mostly comprise of either Saltwater Fish available in ocean type biomes, or Freshwater Fish available in lake and river type biomes. There are biome-specific fish for nearly every biome, so it is recommended to try different biomes in order to find new fish and items. There are also regularly scheduled Fishing Contests. The winner of a fishing contest receives the Fisherman's Bounty loot chest and the [Fisherman] tag.

Loot Chests

Loot Chests will spawn randomly throughout the day, broadcasting their coordinates in the chat. Loot Chests obtain special items and various types of gear and materials.

New Crafting Recipes

Dunmoore has implemented crafting recipes for the following items:

  • Cobweb
  • Saddle
  • Nametag
  • Dead Bush
  • Red & Brown Mushroom Block
  • Leather
  • Grass Block
  • Turn Charcoal into Black Dye
  • Convert a dropper to a dispenser by adding a bow
  • Turn 2 slabs back into a full block

Custom Enchantments

Dunmoore has many custom enchantments, available through special events, challenges, and Loot Chests.

Custom Music Discs

There is a large catalog of custom music discs obtainable via Loot Chests. Custom music discs are note block renditions of various songs.

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