Brewery Tutorial


Creating Your Brewery

Brewing Cauldron
  • The first thing you will need to start brewing is a Cauldron. Place your cauldron directly atop fire or lava. If you choose to use fire, use netherrack for an infinite flame. Be aware that if you're not in claimed land with firespread turned off, this fire could burn down your Brewery! Be cautious when working with fire. Fill your cauldron with water, and it's ready to begin brewing. Each cauldron produces 3 beverages.
  • You will need to build small or large barrels as pictured below for beverages that require aging.
  • Finally, to make your Distiller you will need a Brewing Stand with one Glowstone Dust in the ingredient slot.


Minecraft Barrel

  • 6 Slots
  • Materials: 1 Barrel

Small Barrel

  • 9 Slots
  • Materials: 8 Wooden Stairs, 1 Sign
  • Place the sign on the lower right side and write "Barrel" on the upper line.

Big Barrel

  • 27 Slots
  • Materials: 5 Fences, 16 Wooden Stairs, 18 Wooden Planks, 1 Sign
  • Place a sign on the barrel and write "Barrel" on the upper line.
  • The sign can be removed from the Big Barrel after creating it.

Brewing Directions

  • To start brewing, add your ingredients to your cauldron by right clicking it with the ingredient in your hand. You can add as many ingredients as you like.
  • Right click your cauldron with a clock to see how long your ingredients have been boiling. When it has reached the desired cook time, right click the cauldron with your bottles to remove the beverage from the cauldron.
  • If the beverage requires distilling, place the bottles in your Distiller. Some recipes require more distill runs. This step must be done prior to aging, if required.
  • If the beverage requires aging, right click on your barrel and place the beverages inside until the desired age is reached. Hover over the beverage inside the barrel to determine how long it has aged. One Minecraft day = one year of aging.

Discovering Recipes

  • Recipes can be found ingame through Loot Boxes and Archaeology. Recipes are also occasionally given out as event prizes.
  • Due to the high volume of recipes, it is reasonably possible for players to discover recipes on their own simply by experimenting with different ingredients.
  • Some recipes are difficult to master, while some are quite easy.
  • Some recipes have different variants, found by adding different ingredients to an existing recipe.
  • There are many single-ingredient recipes that can be made through the cauldron. These are typically a base for another beverage.

Recipe Book

Written book.gif
Recipe Ingredients Boiling Time Distilling Ageing/Wood Alc Effects
Beer 6 Fermented Wheat 8 Minutes No 3 Years/Oak I
Darkbeer 6 Fermented Wheat 8 Minutes No Long/Dark Oak I
Red Wine 6 Sweet Berries 5 Minutes No Very Long/Oak I'
Honey Mead Sugar & Honey 3 Minutes No Short/Spruce I'
Apple Cider Lots of Apples Almost 10 Minutes No 2 Years/Any I
Vodka Potatoes Long Yes None III -
Whiskey Wheat & Spices Long Yes Long/Spruce III' +-
Coffee Milk & Lots of Cocoa Very Short No None +
Tea Tea Leaves & Sugar Very Short No None +
Hot Chocolate Cocoa Very Short No None +

Brew Sealing

Brew Sealing Table Recipe
  • In order to sell your beverages through a Trade Shop, they must first be sealed using the Brew Sealing Table.
  • The Brew Sealing Table can be crafted using 4 planks and 2 glass bottles.
  • Putting any beverage into the Brew Sealing Table will equalize it, making it the same as other beverages that have been brewed similarly.
  • Sealed beverages can no longer be aged or modified any further and their details are removed.

Bottoms Up!

Drunkenness causes many effects on a player, such as a swirling screen, blindness, vomiting, loss of control of your character, and slurred speech. Remember to drink responsibly, and don't drink and mine!

Getting Sober

  • After consuming alcohol, it will take some time for you to become sober again.
  • Some food items and beverages will decrease drunkenness, such as Bread.
  • When logging off extremely drunk, when logging back in after a while you may find yourself in an unknown place with no recollection of how you got there.
  • If the alcohol consumed was of low quality, you may suffer from a hangover.
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